martes, 4 de diciembre de 2018

What is the essence of restorative justice?

When a crime is suffered, trauma can arise, and then we need to feel that justice is done, being careful to distinguish the boundary between justice and revenge.
So for me the question is how to do justice to heal the "wounds" ?. Traditional justice fails because in general:
  • The needs of the victims are not satisfied, what in many cases implies that victims are revictimized
  • The offenders are punished but they dont take responsibility, so the community is frustrated, and they are also out of the process 

Faced with this, Restorative Justice, does not impose, respects flexibility and favors:
  • The best attention to the real needs of the victims
  • Offenders are helped to take responsability for the damage caused and make the effort to repair or compensate 
  • The community takes a direct part in many restorative processes.
This is the essence of Restorative Justice, how we do it in practice depends on the concrete case, the needs of the parties, and how many people have been impacted by the crime.

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