domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

Possible structure of restorative justice process

The restorative processes, whether conferencing, circles , or victim-offender meetings have for me, an ideal structure, which is flexible for each case, but ideally would be the one of the picture
Body, moment of the first joint meeting
Heart, it will generate a space of dialogue where people are going to see themselves as human beings, It is time to generate confidence to be able to speak, tell the story and see the needs.
Mind, once the parties have spoken, they will delve into possible solutions to resolve the conflict, address the needs of the damaged, ultimately time to see how to put things right
Spirit, it will be put in common how the person is going to put things right, (action plan), how it is going to be repaired the damage, how people are going to take care of the needs of the affected ones 

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